Decontamination Services

The Covid-19 virus has spread fear into people and industry around the world.

Where staff cannot work from home, hospitals and industrial facilities are availing of specialist decontamination services to reduce the risk of staff contracting Covid-19. A building decontamination deep clean provides staff with a level of confidence in the facility and allows them to commence implementing an in-house Covid-19 control plan.

Office buildings and care facilities are availing of this service at an increasing rate. This increases attendance, productivity and well being.

Stop Covid-19 spreading

How long can Coronavirus survive?

how long Coronavirus survives on certain surfaces

Enviro Hygiene has almost 30 years experience in specialist cleaning of buildings, ventilation systems and equipment in hospitals, pharmaceutical and cleanroom facilities.

Our staff are highly trained in proper contamination control procedures, gowning, degowning and waste disposal. We are regularly involved in the cleaning of equipment and areas containing harmful substances requiring the highest levels of work planning, preparation and safety.

Covid 19 Decontamination Procedure

A carefully planned approach is required to protect the cleaning technicians and achieve the required hygiene standards.

  • Assess the building and generate site specific Risk Assessment and Method Statement.
  • Generate detailed work plan in the method statement.
  • Ensure appropriate PPE and gown/de-gown and disposal procedures are followed.
  • Use only approved disinfectants and cleaning solutions.
  • Follow approved cleaning methods and dispose of waste as agreed with client.
Enviro Hygiene Decontamination PPE
Enviro staff PPE
Enviro risk assessment
Surface disinfection with ozone gas

Hospital Cleaning Services

Enviro Hygiene has almost 30 years experience of working in the hospital environment in some of the largest hospitals in Ireland.

  • We utilize industry leading containment procedures where required.
  • Work close with infection control departments.
  • Ventilation duct and Air Handling Unit cleaning.
  • Ceiling grille deep cleaning – see grille photos below.
  • Theatre, Isolation Room and high risk room cleaning.
Hepa filtered containment pod in 'live' ward
hospital covid-19 decontamination
Enviro Hygiene Technicians Shadow Vacuuming using Hepa Filtered Extraction Fan

Ventilation Duct Cleaning & Ceiling Grille Cleaning

  • Air Handling Units can become contaminated, particularly at the fresh air inlet with leaves, dead rodents and birds, animal and bird droppings, mould and stagnant water. We recommend annual deep cleaning of air handling units.
  • Ventilation ducts and grilles can contain microbial and fungal contaminants. These can get blown into the room.
  • Extract air and return air grilles/vents can become clogged and cause contaminated air in a room (containing viruses) to swirl around the room rather than quickly be extracted through the grille. This increases the risk of infection to the room occupants.
before / after of hospital vent grille
before/after of vent

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